From an early age, Inbar Koprak set out to become a performer and professional Independent Singer Songwriter.Natural ability will only take a talented artist so far, but a strong will and determination has helped push this artist forward and continues to drive her development and success. Check out her newest productions below and enjoy latest released from the upcoming album due to be released in 2020.



Music Tells A Story

Inbar Koprak is an independent singer-songwriter who brought the term 'Rock&Soul' back to life  in our mainstream 
popular music. 
With original songs written from lots of influences, her unique voice bridges any
 distance between her and her listeners.
 Like a good witch, she's here to heal all life's sorrows with all of her heart & art. 
Inbar has released a debut album “Just Be” in 2016, which was recorded 
live & acoustic in it's entirety and attracted a large number of downloads and followers on Twitter, Instagram, AppleMusic & Amazon.

A personal message from Inbar : I'm here for you. Thank you so much for following, responding and showing your support. 
It's mutual and we need each other. Thank you for being a huge part of my journey! 
With all of my heart, art and soul, let's rock.






Live music Reviews| Kahmel Farahani

If the old showbiz adage of “Leave them wanting more” still applies then tonight Inbar Koprak has done just that. With a new album to be released in Spring/Summer 2019 and hopefully more live dates to follow, I for one cannot wait to see what this young lady has in store for us next.



 Culture Club Israel- Single Reviews

Another important singer who releases the first single from her second album due to be relased on 2019) is the singer-songwriter and indie artist, Inbar Kopark. I have a lot of respect for people who go with their truth all the way. People who just feel that art flows in their blood and they will do anything to manifest it. This is what I feel from the story of Inbar, who is currently traveling in London, working, recording filming, editing and doing more or less everything to fulfill the dream. I admit, Little Girl is not really my cup of tea. But, it's funky and cool.
And yet I can not ignore the authentic and "not straining" fragrance of Inbar when she creates her music and art. 
I can not help but appreciate Inbar and her work. In any case, She is worth following.


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